Kerala Monsoon Tourism

Kerala Monsoon Tourism

The season of Monsoon fills us with a feeling of joy as it makes as close as possible to the very nature we adore. As the dry earth gets drenches in the rainfall, comes an intoxicating smell that is indescribable. The splashing waters and tiny paper boats floating in the muddy water is what makes monsoon season a favourite season in Kerala. It is a season of change from the tiring heat and dust to a cool cloudy atmosphere where nature is rejuvenated once again. The beauty that monsoon season beholds cannot be described in mere words. It is definitely a must-watch experience. The changes that monsoon brings in nature is so beautiful and mesmerizing to eyes if closely observed. One can see peacocks with its plumes, golden mango leaves sprouting, rivers & lakes that flows freely and smoothly. The magic of monsoon season in Kerala is enjoyed by tourists throughout the country and world-wide equally.

Monsoon season, a season filled with joy and rainbows should be spent outdoors as it is a very beautiful season of the entire year. It makes both the nature and humans refreshed. Monsoon season is beyond raincoats and muddy waters. It is a season that has to be experienced being close to nature. Indulging in the monsoon season may come with lot of exciting ideas as getting wet in the rain, enjoying the knee-deep water after a rainfall, sailing paper boats over the fresh rainfall water. Trying out Ayurveda during monsoon season is very popular among tourists, travellers and several artists as it is known to be most benefitable in this season. Practicing Ayurvedic treatments with herbs and oils during monsoon can rejuvenate your mind & body equally.

Kerala is a tropical paradise, known and adored by several throughout the state due to its climate, natural beauty and a culture as unique as possible. Since the state lie close to the equator, its climate can resemble a perfect mix of warm sunshine and clouds. The arrival of monsoon in Kerala after the exhausting heat of summer drenches the earth. The atmosphere is then filled with a cool and soothing climate that is welcomed by the land and people. Monsoon season is in fact a time of preparation by the people for the next summer. It is a season where all the water resources of the state, including rivers, lakes & dams brim to the fullest. This can be utilized to benefit by storing enough groundwater to overcome the heat in upcoming summer season. Monsoon in Kerala is not characterized by heavy rainfalls but by a combination of rainy days that are interrupted with patterns of sunrays, giving an exceptional beauty and experience to witness. The balance that is seen between the summer & monsoon season makes the state serene annually.

Edavappathi and Thulavarsham are the two Kerala rainfalls witnessed during Monsoon. The former arrives in the south west monsoon during the month of June and named as Edavappathi as it comes in the middle of Edavam month as per the Malayalam calendar while the latter is welcomed in the month of October. The amount of rainfall received during both of these rainfalls keeps the land lush and greenish throughout the year.

The beauty of hill stations is heightened to bring a visual delight during monsoon season in Kerala. Hill stations give birth to springs and streams that rush through rock, which is a mesmerizing view to watch. The water will be filled in the dams and the shutters are opened during this time. One can see a huge flow of water as these shutters open during monsoon and it’s a must-watch. The thrashing water with its roaring sound will refresh your mind and body from the everyday noises and brings you peace of mind.

Holistic rejuvenation of the body and mind is achieved by taking Ayurvedic treatments during the monsoon season. The body’s immunity is low during the monsoon season and Ayurveda during this season can bring major transformation and the best possible outcomes. Balance of the body and extreme muscle flexibility can be achieved by this process during the sudden change in climate as the immunity is boosted. The body pores are opened during monsoon and the atmosphere remains dust-free with cool climate. Hence, during monsoon body is more receptive to herbal and oil treatments.

To attain the native art forms existing in Kerala, artists must achieve complete body control and flexibility. It is a requirement to create and produce the art. Artists give full dedication and provide with uncompromised training together with Ayurveda treatments to maintain excellent health. The dexterity of movement is gained through applying herbal oils and medications. It is a time for rejuvenation as the body and soul refreshes itself.

Ayurvedic wellness centres are open at various famous resorts and hotels in Kerala. Tourists and travellers experience Ayurveda through these centres, thereby transforming their mind & body to a much calmer state. Those Ayurvedic centres seen surrounding famous tourist destinations are usually functioned by local entrepreneurs and may not have qualified staffs and services. Hence, one should choose Ayurvedic centres with great care and proper guidance from Kerala Tourism Accredited Tour Operator to avoid wrong medications and treatments. Do your own research with the help of Kerala Tourism team to avoid such situations.

A huge flock of tourists and travellers are seen visiting and enjoying the monsoon season of Kerala. Destinations such as Munnar, Thekkady, Vagamon and Wayanad etc are highly enjoyed by these tourists in monsoon. Backwaters of Kerala also exhibit remarkable beauty and natural glow in the rainy season. Enjoying in the houseboat as the rain pours down will make your mind refreshed and transformed into a state of inner peace. Beaches of Kerala during monsoon are quite unpredictable in nature during monsoon. The waves may rise higher and ocean could come as very strong. Hence, hill stations and backwaters are mostly preferred by tourists during monsoon for visits and leisure.

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