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Kerala has a unique monsoon season of its own. It does not have a heavy rainfall that stops activity but a rainfall that last for few hours combined with a sunny atmosphere. The rain at times may last for a couple of days but sunshine exists. It’s a combination of both giving us a glimpse to the equilibrium of natural flow of life. The state consists of mainly two rainy seasons. Southwest Monsoon which usually arrives in June is popularly known as ‘Edavapathi’. The name ‘Edavapathi’ was originated as the rainy season arrives in the month of Edavam, according to the Malayalam Calendar. Whereas,Northeastern Monsoon arrives usually in mid-october. It is called as Thulam as in the Malayalam calendar and hence named as Thulavarsham. The arrival of rainy season in Kerala is a breath-taking sight to behold.

Kerala art forms is practiced through utmost dedication and intense training. It requires taking complete control over nerves of the body. Artists are also known to undergo Ayurvedic practices as a part of this training. Monsoon season is an accurate timing for an exact implementation of this training in its most natural form. Hence, ayurvedic treatments are carried out with special oils and herbs by artists during this season to gain muscle flexibility and achieve control of body movements.

As the nature is rejuvenated by rain, so are humans. Monsoon brings out the best possible outcomes in Ayurveda and hence, it is considered as an ideal season for Ayurvedic treatments. With a dust-free and cool atmosphere and as pores of body are open, it is very receptive to Ayurvedic treatments.

Our exclusive Kerala Monsoon Tour packages come with exploring the utmost beautiful and natural sightseeing destinations of Kerala during the raining season. We provide 30% off on all the Kerala Monsoon tour package bookings. Enjoying Kerala while Monsoon is at its best is an experience that cannot be unmatched. It is a season known of rejuvenation combined with nature and ancient Ayurveda. Kerala Monsoon Tourism attracts large number of people annually in the state.

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