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 Kerala Monsoon Honeymoon Packages

    Monsoon is a blessing of the nature. Kerala is The first to receive  monsoon in india. It has a good monsoon season from *the end of may to the  end of November*. It is the time of rejuvenation. The whole nature will be  in rejuvenation.  Jun, July, August & Sept are the Monsoon months in  Kerala. Tripenticer offers shoestring on Kerala packages,offers 20 to 30 %  discount in Monsoon sales 
    The raining in monsoon season in Kerala do not take the pattern of  incessant rains continuing for weeks. Virtually it rains for a few hours  with sunny interludes. It is true that occasionally the rains might  stretch on for a few days but the respite of sunshine is never far away.  This is mostly the pressure changes in the sea. In Monsoon season also a traveler can enjoy Kerala,same as that of other seasons

      Kerala Monsoon Honeymoon  Tour Packages


 2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon  

3 Nights 4 Days Honeymoon 

 2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon  

 2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon 

 2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon  
 2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon

2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon  


 2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon  

2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon

2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon 

 2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon 
2 nights 3 Days Honeymoon  

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 Kerala Monsoon Honeymoon Tours

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    Kerala Monsoon Packages

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