Rejuvenation in Monsoon Kerala 7 Days

Rejuvenation in Kerala Monsoon Kerala 7 Days


KARKIDAKAM/MONSOON “Get drenched in the refreshing energy of the vibrant monsoon"

Just as the parched Earth is receptive of the fresh drops of the monsoons, our body created of the five elements of nature, is receptive towards the treatments of cleansing and rejuvenation during this season. Ayurveda has selectively recognized "varsha ritu" as the "kalam" for receiving panchakarma therapies as the "sharira" is most receptive to medicines during this season and results in maximum benefits.


Athirappilly is the land of rivers and forests and great waterfalls! The destination houses the  largest waterfall in Kerala, the Athirappilly waterfall, a major tourist attraction. This patch in Sholayar ranges so beautifully intertwined with lush green forest cover and sizzling silver cascades and located central to Cochin and River Nila(Bharathapuzha),is a treat for the eyes. Swollen Chalakkudy river, Charpa, Vazhachal and Athirappilly are ideal place for a romantic honeymoon.


Ayursoukhyam Ayurvedic Resort is located in a tiny village named Thumboormuzhy on the banks of River Chalakkudy which is quiet closer to Athirappilly Water falls in the Western Ghats, and only 35 Kms from CIAL (Cochin International Airport). Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam with well appointed 14 cottages provides all kinds of Ayurveda treatments and packages. The flowing river by side and thick greenery surrounding the resort provides the exact ambience for a rejuvenating Karkidakam package.


Karkidakam or the monsoon season his most suitable for the ayurvedic treatment as the human body will be more recipient to all ayurvedic medicines and treatments. It is in this seasons due to the moist climate the all the pores in the human body will be open and the ayurvedic medicines are more recipient in the body. Monsoon itself gives rise to several

diseases. The heavy rains and chilly winds during monsoon play havoc with the human system. The unbalanced tridoshas and the degraded digestive system affect natural immunity and thus the body becomes an easy target for pathogens. During monsoon, the temperature dips and inflames vata and pitta doshas and dense kapha dosha. The Karkidaka therapies are a means to keep in check the rampaging Vata, Pitta and Kapha and increase the immune of the body.  

treatment s and medicines in karkidakam package  

Ayurvedic medicines can effectively work only if they system is free of toxins. Therefore, before any treatment, the ayurvedic physician cleans the body of the patient with strong purgatives. Intensive. Ayurvedic oil therapies like Abhyagam, Dhara, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Elakizhi and Panchakarma treatments are recommended during the season for cleansing the body systems.

Abhyagam: Full body massage with medicated oil

Njavarakizhi: Njavara Kizhi is an integral part for keeping the balance between “vatha”, “pitha” and “Kapha”. In “Pindasweda” the Njavara rice is boiled in “Kurunthottikazhayam”, which is a decoction of sida root and milk. It is taken in cloth bags (Kizhis) and is used for massaging.

NAYSAM: Medicated oil poured through the nostrils in a systematic manner

SHIRODHARA: Medicated oil poured in the forehead in a systematic manner

*And all other treatments as per the advice of the doctor

*Kindly note the treatments are subjected to change as per the advice of the doctor according to patient body condition.

The ayurvedic medicine in Karkidakam treatment is Karkidaka Kanji or medicated rice porridge

Karkidaka kanji

Karkidaka Kanji/ oushadha Kanji is a medicinal rice soup is a traditional item of Kerala during the rainy days. This tasty dish has a special effect in warding off the monsoon fevers.Karkidaka Kanji is made up off different ayurvedic herbs which increases the immune in the body and help to resist all the ill effects of monsoon.